Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take my first SAT?
Typically, high school juniors take their first SAT in March or May. Some will take the December or January SAT. We recommend that juniors take the PSAT in October (only offered once a year).

How do I register for the SAT?
Go to and click on the "For Students" Section.

Do I get my actual test back or just the score?
If you take the January, May, or October SAT, you can request a copy of your test by ordering the Question and Answer Service from the College Board. You'll get a clean copy of your test along with your answers. Otherwise, you'll just get your score, but not the actual test.

How many times should I take the SAT?

Students usually take the SAT once or twice their junior year and once in the fall of their senior year.

When should I begin to prepare for the SAT?
Typically, three to six months prior to taking your first SAT. Check out our group program schedule.

How does your program compare to Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc.?
For starters, our program is teaching-oriented and is taught by professional teachers. Our objective is to improve students' skills which will translate into significantly higher SAT scores. The other programs rely more on tricks and gimmicks and are typically taught by recent college grads, who have little or no teaching experience.

How much of a score increase can I expect?
Our average score increase is 230 points. We give students a pre-test (an actual SAT) and then compare it to their real SAT score.

How does the ACT differ from the SAT?
The ACT more closely parallels the high-school curriculum whereas the SAT is more of a reasoning test. Many students think that the ACT is an easier test.

Writing (grammar and required essay)
Math (through Algebra 2)
Math (through Trigonometry)
Essay (optional)

Should I take both the ACT and the SAT?
Many students do take both. It makes sense to take both and lead with your best score. Refer to our SAT/ACT Conversion Chart for a score comparison.

Am I at a competitive disadvantage if I only take the ACT?

We don't have any data on this, but if you're applying to highly competitive colleges, a strong SAT score may look more impressive than a strong ACT score.